bookshelves: #94 Anatol Knotek

In bookshelves i send out an invitation to someone for presenting his/her favorite bookshelf or writer. To let them explain their choice or let the shelf speak for itself. Bookshelves is concerned with collecting, collections and the sincere love for books. In bookshelves nodig ik iemand uit om zijn/haar favoriete boekenplank of schrijver te tonen. Om iets over hun keuze te vertellen of de plank te laten “spreken”. Bookshelves gaat over verzamelen, collecties en de oprechte liefde voor boeken. Today/Vandaag bookshelves: # 94 Anatol Knotek

Anatol Knotek is visual artist, working and living in Vienna

bs#94-shelf“the hotspot of my collection of books is dedicated to concrete and visual poetry and text-based art in general. that’s where my focus lies in my own work as an artist. as you see, this special shelf is already full to busting and i already need to place new books in different parts.

bs#94-caseamongst many others, included books are: two major anthologies of typewriter art »the art of typewriting« by ruth and marvin sackner two passionate collectors of text-art, and »typewriter art a modern anthology« by barrie tullett; the »anthology of concrete poetry« edited by emmett williams is always a great source of inspiration, as a signed book by ernst jandl called »sprechblasen«, »sweethearts« by emmett williams, »humument« by tom phillips and »unsicher« by beat gloor which is all about word separations. but it also includes fancy books as the pop up books»abc3d«, »tree of codes« by jonathan safran foer where most of the words are cut out, or limited editon books, like micah lexier’s »this is me writing«

it’s important to me that they are always at hand, so i can show them around or flip through them, when i’m lacking inspiration.”


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