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In bookshelves i send out twice a week an invitation to someone for presenting his/her favorite bookshelf or writer. To let them explain their choice or let the shelf speak for itself. Bookshelves is concerned with collecting, collections and the sincere love for books. In bookshelves nodig ik tweemaal per week iemand uit om zijn/haar favoriete boekenplank of schrijver te tonen. Om iets over hun keuze te vertellen of de plank te laten “spreken”. Bookshelves gaat over verzamelen, collecties en de oprechte liefde voor boeken. Today/Vandaag bookshelves: #33 Hanno Wijsman


“You write how your Bookshelves Project started with “a fascinating and inspiring quest through literature”. Quest is a beautiful medieval word.
The result of your project would have been very different in the Middle Ages : in medieval libraries the books, if on shelves (because often they were stored in chests), lied or stood with the edge to the front (the back was hidden and bore no title information either; see the detail of a fifteenth century miniature I add).
The first photo shows the bookshelves behind my desk: quite a mixed ensemble, with on the lower shelves some medieval history, medieval art history, and history of the book (reflecting my main professional occupation). Literature has been banned to the top shelves. The second photo highlights a close-up of the upper shelves where two of my favourite authors linger: Cees Nooteboom and J.R.R. Tolkien. In all their difference they are linked by the “quest”.Reading is traveling, whereas to me traveling also has everything to do with reading (and with writing).The Word created the World and the World created the Word. Both are true and alike.”
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